True Mother’s Cranes Club Address

True Mother spoke to the participants of the first Cranes Club Conference in Las Vegas on December, 20, 2014. This is the video of her speech with the full transcription below. 

Did you miss me? How much? I missed you, sincerely, and wished to see how you have grown as healthy and beautiful people. That’s why I called you. Did I do a good job?  So the emcee just now spoke about the age range of the participants here, and was it from 20 to 50? (Yes, that is correct.)

 What is your dream? God created the cosmos. At the time, He had a big dream. You understand that from the Divine Principle, right? What is God’s dream? Through Adam and Eve, God wanted to become a True Parent. That is God’s dream. But in the face of that great dream, the first human ancestors failed to fulfill their responsibility. They could not fulfill God’s dream. Ever since, humankind struggled in the fallen world of Satan. That is six thousand biblical years. Longer, if you count. God is omnipotent, He cannot just let it go.  He had to find a human being who would cooperate with him. This is the providence of salvation which is also the providence of restoration. Do you understand?  You know that, right? But it’s easier said than done.  That history of providence took 6,000 years to restore.  It took 4,000 years just for God to find the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, and the nation.  It was very, very difficult, and it took a long time. This is something you really need to think about. 2 thousand years ago, we understand there was the huge Roman Empire. At that time, they said that all roads lead to Rome. I don’t know if you watched the video or not but you will watch it tomorrow during the joint service. I believe it was April or May, I went to twelve peaks of the Alps. At that time, I saw a road that was prepared during the time of the Roman Empire. That’s how powerful the Roman Empire was.  Israel was a mere colony without a foundation upon which to build a proper nation. It was a very difficult time for them. The people of Israel really wanted, you chose us as the chosen people, you promised to send the messiah, please send the messiah. The people of Israel, they thought, once they received the messiah, they could overcome the Roman Empire. So they earnestly prayed that God would send the messiah. So what happened? God kept his promise. But the people of Israel were blind and deaf. They could not see things straight. Even Mary herself, who conceived the child by the Holy Spirit,  could not even realize who that child was. Jesus said, “I am the begotten child of God.” Jesus was sent finally after four thousand years based upon many peoples prayer and devotion. Christians believe they can be saved by the blood of Christ on the cross. God is not cruel like that, he wanted to save everyone.  Why would God, who wants nothing but to save human beings, take so long to send his begotten son and save human beings by the means of crucifixion?

I talked about this a little bit yesterday to the ministers. So I told them about this a little. They were surprised. They said they had read about it but had not thought about what I said. Jesus Christ was crucified. And when he was about to die, he said, I will come back. The religion that began counting on this promise to materialize is Christianity. This is the 2,000 years of providential history. One thing you need to understand is that the begotten son alone cannot become true parents. The begotten son has nothing to do with the fall. The original Adam had eve in front of him, right? No one understood that. And Jesus died without having a wife. His mother, his disciples, John the Baptist, and even Mary did not understand that. How can they not even know the birthday of Jesus? Your parents remember your birthday, right? How come, the messiah, who was born after four thousand years of prayer, his own mother did not talk about his birthday? There were also the twelve disciples, and yet there is no trace of that information. The people of Israel did not fulfill their responsibility, so they had to face the responsibility in front of them. You have to know that, indemnity.

Thereafter, the hope of Christians was to meet the returning lord. You do not know how difficult it has been for Christians to come thus far, they were immensely challenged by the Roman Empire. They didn’t not change their faith, even though they were eaten by lions.  There were many ups and downs during the history of Christianity this last 2,000 years. Human beings during this time had to suffer a lot, not to mention the suffering that God had to endure. They didn’t know why they had to endure such hardships. They didn’t understand how they had to lead such lives of suffering. Christianity has been enduring the last 2,000 years with the hope that they may one day  meet the Returning Lord.

Did God and Jesus fulfill their promise to meet the retuning lord? Yes. Human beings really longed to see true parents.  Then did the Returning Lord become a True Parent or not? (He did.) This is an amazing thing. True Parent, the one that humankind has been yearning for so long has finally materialized. In the year 1960.  However, the Christians are now in the position of Israelites 2,000 years ago. How could they be so  ignorant? In order for ignorant people to be educated, they should study, isn’t that right? They do not want to study, the first they do is to oppose. Does that make sense? So the Blessing began on this earth by the works of True Parents. People do not understand the meaning of the blessing in a different meaning. In order for blessed families to come into being, you do not understand the difficulties and restoration that had to happen. Blessed Families could have appeared only by the merits of True Parents paying the indemnity conditions.   And you were born as second generation. You need to understand that your lineage is different. Their lineage is like dirty water, and yours is like pure water. How grateful we should be. It is just beyond our expression of gratitude. That is how precious you are. We are gathered here today, and in your own way, you desire to attend true parents.  You may have been good to your parents and followed them. And some of you might even feel that your life was made difficult because your parents only pursued church work, and  now that you have received an education, make a lot of money, and are generally well off, you wish to live your life happily. There may be such children. There may be such second-generation Unificationists. Even if that is the case, you have to remember that you are second-generation children born as pure water. You must not return back to being muddy water. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The place you should be is within the realm of True Parents’ love. Detached from True Parents, you would be no different than Adam and Eve in the beginning of human history forsaking God. Do you understand what I am saying? (Yes.)

Furthermore, you are living at the same time when true parents are alive. You have been breathing the same air, what does that mean? You are like the ancestors. You are the central figures. You can be the beginning of your lineage, and you should not be the kind of person that your family should be ashamed of.  No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you do there, you should always know that there are people who could gain new life through you, and that you have such a responsibility. Do you understand? This  means that you have to go out and witness.  True parents are the parents of seven billion people, and you are the children of the parents who worked too hard to bring yourself into the world, and you need to become the kind of children that people can be proud o f

Human life is 100 years, right? How old am I? You haven’t seen me in a while, am I kind of an old lady? Is it good to see me young? The longer I live with you, the better it is with you. You should become a main player to help bringing about Cheon Il Guk.

You should become the ancestors for a very reputable family. So you need to become the kind of children while I can remember by your name. I wanted to see you to share with you my heart about it. Do you like it or not? I like it too.

When I see you so young, I feel energy. And I really want to embrace all seven billion people. Until then, what do you think my position is? The position of true parents is the position of the king of kings, and if you can expand your environment….you should make a lot of effort for that so you could attend True Parents. You should be so busy. I that kind of effort is happy effort. You can be proud, and happy. And you should understand that you cannot take it easy. You should not be just hanging around. Are you going to come into the circle and really attend? Can you promise you will do that? To show me your determination, please show me a big hand.

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    Kenji-Charles-Johannes Dageförde


    Thank you for this video.
    On may 10th true mother will come to Vienna.
    I’d like to attend for the cranesclub!

    Who is the old korean Guy? He Must be over 50 and maybe Not 2nd gen. Mr Song also!
    Why is he playing with his cell phone all the Time?
    He has no respect! Why nobody Stops him?

    See You in Vienna (maybe)



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