About Cranes Club

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are passionate, creative, hard-working professionals, ready to take on the world by pursuing our dreams. We come from a Unificationist background, and with that bond, share the desire to not only excel in our business endeavors, but to give back to our communities and the larger world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create opportunities for professionals of Unificationist background to network and apply their expertise to better serve their communities and the greater society.

What We Do

  • Network

    We are serious about advancing our careers and meeting our financial goals. Our online site, as well as our national and regional conferences, provide a platform to build your network and connect with other professionals.

  • Mentor

    The success of our younger brothers and sisters matters to us. Our mentorship program allows younger members or those switching careers access to personal support and guidance. Unificationists in a variety of fields are ready to pass on their knowledge and cheer you on. Ready to give back? Join the team and become a mentor yourself!

  • Support

    We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and grassroots initiatives. Whether it’s through staffing programs, offering expert advice, or raising funds, we provide opportunities for resources and funding from a network that shares common values and goals.